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Smartphone Direct Control
Home Appliance Network PCB Controller PCBA Assembly

Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces We accept your sample orders
Supply Ability: 100,000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Port: Shenzhen
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  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: ABRT/OEM
  • MOQ: 100pcs
  • Control Way: Network Control PCBA

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Packaging Details One pcs in one bubble pack
Delivery Time Within 2~3 weeks after deposit


Home Appliance Network PCB Controller PCBA Assembly 
1.PCBA Manufacturer 
2.ROHS certificate 
3.PCB copy,design,assembly 

 Home Appliance Network PCBA Controller



       Two Ways of Home Appliance Network Control

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       Our OEM/ODM Services

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PCBA controller is the most critical building block of home appliance. We have supplied PCBA controllers to many well-known brand-name home appliance manufacturers since the company was founded in March, 2000. Our PCBA controllers help to save energy, and enhance comfort and convenience in millions of homes around the globe. Although home appliance network control is still a relatively new concept, people are increasingly open to the idea of adding network capabilities to their home appliances.


Having broadband access to the Internet has become relatively commonplace and Smartphones have become a necessity in many people’s daily life. Smartphones and internet have brought us unprecedented convenience and ease. More and more people want to use Smartphone to remotely control and monitor home appliances. Building on our extensive expertise and experience of smart controls over home environment, we started to enhance our traditional electronic wall switches with networking capability in recent years. Also, we are now offering OEM/ODM service in Home Appliance Network PCBA Controllers.

 Two Ways of Home Appliance Network Control

In order to meet different needs or wants of our customers, we are offering two ways of home appliance network control: Smartphone Direct Control and Central Hub Control. Our network PCBA controllers can be directly controlled by a smart phone and/or controlled by a central hub over the Internet either inside or outside the home.


Smartphone Direct Control.   User friendly interface of smartphone makes it an easy task and enjoyable experience to remotely control and monitor home appliances. By a gentle touch on a smartphone’s touch screen, you can adjust temperature, humidity, or brightness and you can monitor security alarm, video camera, or home appliances, directly from your Smartphone.


 Central Hub Control.   An increasing number of homeowners have routers already installed in their homes and people are more comfortable than ever with networking concepts. Adding a network linkable home appliance is very easy. With a network PCBA controller, home appliances become linkable with a router (central control hub) and can be monitored and controlled over the Internet via a WIFI access point either inside or outside the home.


Our Competitive Advantages

We can seamlessly integrate a network module into a traditional home appliance PCBA controller so that home appliance with the new network PCBA controller will have network control capabilities. We are well positioned to provide our OEM customers with the most cost effective turn-key solutions.


Our Experience and Expertise in Smart Switch Products.  By integrating a network module into our electronic wall switches, we have successfully upgraded them into smart switches with network control capabilities. These smart switches cover a wide range of applications, such as temperature control, humidity control, fan speed control, timer, dimmer, etc. We gained valuable experiences and expertise that can be easily applied to the network PCBA controller products.


Our Experience and Expertise in Traditional PCBA Controller Products.  We introduced the very first PCBA controller product immediately after the company was found in March, 2000. Since then, we have developed and manufactured large varieties of PCBA controllers for many applications, including lights, ceiling fans, ventilation fans, air conditioners, humidifiers, refrigerators, coffee makers, irons, etc. We had many innovations and learned valuable lessons over many years. We know the ins and outs of home appliance PCBA controllers. We have a large collection of reference designs for home appliance PCBA controllers. All of our experience and expertise, and the reference designs can help us to save money and time for our customers, and stay clear of potential pitfalls.


Our Vertically Integrated Operation.  We have entire operations under one roof which cover design, development, manufacturing, supply chain management, and quality control, everything you need to turn your product concept into a finished product. This vertically integrated operation can accelerate time-to-market of new product introduction and maintain a cost structure that is very competitive.



Our OEM/ODM Services

Our customers usually work with us from the initial idea, through design and manufacturing to the finished product, while some utilize our manufacturing expertise alone. Our dedicated teams have strong experience and extensive know-how. Our services include:


1.          We listen carefully to our customers’ needs or wants. We work closely with our customers to define product requirements. The final product specifications are usually tailored for the customer’s specific applications.


2.          We design and build prototype network PCBA controllers to support our customer’s new product development activities. We have many reference designs of traditional home appliance PCBA controllers to choose from. Our teams are capable of doing all the required design and development jobs in hardware, firmware and software.


3.          We refine the design based on the evaluation results of the prototypes and build pre-production units. We work closely with our customers to complete required regulatory certifications, such as CE, UL, FCC, etc.

4.          We manufacture and supply our customer the mass production units. We take care of supply chain management, quality control, logistics support, etc. Our state-of-the-art factories can produce more than 2 million PCBA controllers every year.


We follow a process up to the ISO 9001 standard. Our processes are designed to be flexible, put you at ease and take much of the guesswork out of the equation. You have the flexibility to pick and choose only the services you need, and we'll help you along the way to make informed decisions about your project.



Frequently Ask Questions


What do you need from me to get started? Once we receive your enquiry, we will reply in a timely manner. A conference call may be arranged to answer your questions and understand your needs and wants. Together, we will decide on how to finalize the product requirement specifications (PRS). Usually, the design schematics, Gerber file or BOM of an early version of traditional PCBA controller would help. A quotation and a project schedule will be prepared for you. With your authorization, we will launch a formal project.


How much will it cost? The overall costs vary widely depending on the complexity of your product and what services you want us to offer you with. Once we understand the scope of the project, we can provide you with a through quotation (NRE, tooling, unit price, etc, if applicable) and timescales for your product.



How long will it take to complete my project? The scope and complexity of your project will determine how long it will take to complete. The time required for turning a product concept to engineering samples is typically measured in terms of weeks as opposed to days or months. We are committed to getting things done right and quickly.


Thank you very much for your interest in our services. We are looking forward to hearing from you about your next new PCBA controller project.

How to Order?


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