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Please enter the color mix that you would like here (all colors available, no additional charge to substitute).
 This is our recommended set-up for a standard 75g (48" x 18" x 21") mixed reef tank.  Since this is a dimmable kit you will need a reef controller or potentiometers + 10V AC adapter or your lights will not turn on (ELN drivers only). If you would like a different color set-up feel free to list your color choice under "LED Color Ratio", there is no additional charge to swap/substitute colors. However, the wire lengths provided are per the standard colors and layout provided.  The ratio we have listed is roughly 15-16k in color temperature.  If you have any special requests (ie. different angled lens, different colored wire) please feel free to list that under the notes section when checking out. 
-2 x 6" x 20" Premium Enclosure (with splash guard)
-18 x Solderless Cool White Cree XP-G3 LED
-20 x Solderless Royal Blue Cree XP-G3 LED
-6 x Solderless Violet UV LED
-2 x Solderless Red Cree XP-E LED
-2 x Solderless Green Cree XP-E LED
-4 x Driver Jumper
-4 x Terminal Plug
-4 x 1.5" LED to LED Wire
-12 x 3" LED to LED Wire
-26 x 4.5" LED to LED Wire
-2 x 12" LED to LED Wire
-48 x 80 degree lens
-2 x LDD-700H driver + 2 x LDD-1000H driver + 1 x LDD-H-4S board + 1 x SE-350-48 power supply Also, ALWAYS ensure the current output on the drivers is below the maximum threshold for each channel.
-1 x Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive (for the lenses) and  1 x tube of Thermal Grease (for the LEDs)
-2 x Y-shaped Hanging Kit
-2 x WAGO 221-412 lever nut (8 lever nuts if ordering the ELN drivers)
-1 x power cord (US + Canada orders only) (4 power cords if ordering the ELN drivers)
-10 feet of black Bulk Wire
-10 feet of red Bulk Wire

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