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Aluminum Underfloor Heating
"Aluminum Underfloor Heating" ~ It is a great invention in the world
This is newest design "Aluminum Underfloor Heating" developed by our company subvert the traditional heating method, We have a very safe heating principle of graphene heat conduction and non-conduction, While aluminum itself has fast heat dissipation, uniform heat dissipation, colorless and odorless, green environmental protection, non-deformation and durable. Let aluminum floor quickly heat up, let our home quickly warm and comfortable

Product color: you can choose 16 colors
Product specification: 1500 x 120 x 5MM
Safe packaging: 20PCS / carton
 Product advantage

1) heat up quickly, When open it will be hot at once.

3 minutes temperature rise 10 degrees, and heat evenly, good air convection effect, no odor

2) high thermal efficiency

The electric heat conversion rate reaches above 95%

3) simple paving

Do not occupy tall layer, do not destroy the ground, old building shop outfit can be in with simple old floor direct shop outfit can.

Old house move new house can also move the floor heating, value recovery, recycling

4) energy conservation and environmental protection

Low cost, energy consumption is 1/2 of air conditioning, 1/3 of water heating, no pollution, no radiation, no formaldehyde

5) be safe and secure

Product flame retardant effect is good, graphene material heating system, only heat conduction, not conductive, and have overheating protection device, fire, waterproof, mildewproof, termite proof

6) durable ease of mind

The service life is as long as 50 years, and the building life is quite, worry - free maintenance. Wear - resistant

7) comfortable and healthy

From the bottom up heat conduction, body feel comfortable, no dry mouth, no dust, the release of far infrared heat wave, good physical therapy and health care, very suitable for the elderly and children

8) smart control with mobile APP

Open it ten minutes before you go home, set the temperature, warm home waiting for you to come back
9)It is widely used in commercial buildings, office buildings, hotels, entertainment places, beauty salons, families and so on
Flexible partial installation of the main activities, such as home installation, you can choose to install the elderly children room, watching TV area, or only on the bed, sofa

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